We’ll Fix Your Painful Ingrown Toenails In One Appointment – Today

Ingrown toenails are painful and frustrating – they keep you up at night, make wearing shoes painful, and are tender to even the slightest touch. They cause you to suffer through the simplest of tasks and gentlest of activities. They stop you from enjoying your day and partaking in your favourite activities. This is precisely why the Auckland Ingrown Toenail Clinic was founded.

We understand how unpleasant it feels to have an ingrown toenail and to just need it fixed. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing safe and effective solutions for ingrown toenails that see you back on your feet, out of pain, and feeling great again.

Our team of highly-skilled Podiatrists have years of experience in treating both minor and severe ingrown toenails in kids, adults and the elderly alike. More than just wanting to treat the nail and relieve your current pain, we work to make sure the problem doesn’t affect you again in the future. This is why we’ve specialised in minor nail surgery – so you can say goodbye to frustrating ingrown toenails once and for all and live your best life.

We’re proud to be leading Auckland as the ingrown toenail specialists and serving our community as part of Perform Podiatry, located between Remuera and Newmarket at the One Health Medical Centre. No referrals required, full ACC accreditation, full onsite parking, wheelchair access and late night and weekend appointments available. Because you deserve the best in healthcare.

One All-Inclusive Price

Ingrown toenails are what we do. Unlike other clinics, we don’t believe in charging per item and every check so you end up with plenty of unexpected costs. That’s why we offer an all-inclusive price for our services. For conservative nail care, the cost is from $98. A partial nail avulsion, which is the permanent correction of ingrown toenails with a minor surgical procedure, is an all-inclusive cost of $398. This involves one or both sides of the toenail, all dressings including a take-home dressing pack, and one follow-up appointment. If both of your toenails are ingrown and need permanent correction, the total all-inclusive cost is $688. The cost for a total nail avulsion is $398 for one nail, or $688 for both. Every treatment is completed by a podiatrist that is highly experienced in ingrown toenail care and surgery.


This is a one-off treatment for first-time ingrown toenails that is simple and easy, safe, sterile and offers immediate relief from your ingrown toenail.


Total Nail Avulsion

A total nail avulsion (TNA) procedure involves the safe removal of the entire toenail. This procedure is indicated in a variety of circumstances, such as for toenails that are heavily damaged and disfigured alongside having an ingrown nail.


Partial Nail Avulsion

A partial nail avulsion (PNA) provides a permanent, safe and effective solution to the problem of frustrating and painful ingrown toenails by removing a small portion of the ingrown nail edge under local anaesthetic.