Restoring your toenails to their healthy, normal selves means you look and feel great on your feet and in your shoes again.

It gives you back the freedom to do the things you love without pain or discomfort. That’s our number one priority here at the Auckland Ingrown Toenail Clinic – seeing you happy and confident on your toes again so you can exceed your goals and live your best life. We do this by using a variety of effective, safe and gold-standard techniques that are proven to alleviate pain and get the best results for your ingrown toenails in the shortest time possible. Everything we do is grounded in clinical excellence and we adhere to strict safety and hygiene protocols. It’s all part of our commitment to putting your health and well-being first. Our team is composed of board-registered and highly-skilled podiatrists that share a passion for seeing the lives of our patients improve from the treatments we perform – and we wouldn’t be anywhere else. It was the years of seeing patients repetitively suffering from ingrown toenails and not knowing the best solution or how to access proper care that saw the conception of the Auckland Ingrown Toenail Clinic as part of Perform Podiatry. Since then, under the guidance and expertise of Senior Podiatrist Hanan Kane, we’ve been delighted to help countless patients alleviate their painful ingrown toenails and implement permanent solutions to make ingrown toenails a problem of the past. We’re also fully ACC accredited to make your recovery from injury as simple, efficient and hassle-free as possible. We’ve been called many names over the years – miracle workers, heroes, lifesavers – you name it. The truth is, we’re just a passionate and dedicated team that are using the skills we know to improve people’s lives. It’s that simple.