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gait analysisExcellent healthcare doesn’t just improve a condition or an injury – it improves your life. You move better, you look great, and you feel great, sound in the knowledge that you’re taking good care of yourself and your health. That’s where we come in. You can be sure that you’re getting the best lower limb care with Perform Podiatry with the best results.



Podiatrists – The Lower Limb Experts

As registered Podiatrists, we’ve undergone years of extensive training in every bone, joint, muscle, ligament and tendon in your feet and legs to make us the lower limb experts. We assess, diagnose, treat and prevent conditions and disease in the lower limbs – we even alter your foot biomechanics (the way your foot functions) and perform minor surgeries.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Sports medicine and injury
  • Muscle Pain
  • Kids Feet
  • Surgery
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • General Foot Care
  • Occupational Podiatry
  • Orthotics


Sports Medicine and Injury

With all the rapid movements, stop/starts, kicks, throws, tackles and everything else happening at such a fast pace, it’s no wonder that the rate of injury is high. Often there are also additional personal and biomechanical factors that contribute to the injury. We work with you to not only quickly and efficiently treat your injury but also identify the exact cause of your injury to reduce the risk of it happening again.


As well as diagnosing and treating your injury, we look at your training regimen, your muscle strength, assess your footwear, look at whether you would benefit from orthotics and so much more. Common sporting injuries include Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, stress fractures, shin splints, knee pain and forefoot pain.


Muscle Pain

Stress and heavy loads on muscles can lead to muscle pain, swelling and damage. This can occur when we start working the muscles in ways they’re not used to, such as with new physical activities or suddenly increasing the intensity of existing physical activities – like going for a 10km run when you’re only used to 2km’s or taking a pump class when you haven’t done weight training in a while. Muscles pain needs effective management to ensure recovery without recurrence, and that there are no long-standing consequences such as muscle weakness. Where needed, we work with you to strengthen the muscles you need to perform your desired activity at your best.


Foot Biomechanics, Function & Pain

Your foot biomechanics – the way your foot functions – is determined by the way your bones, joints, muscles and ligaments work together and support one another. That’s why variances in muscle strength, flexibility, motion at the joints and numerous other factors can have a great impact on foot function and why our feet can function very differently – and develop certain different pains and problems.


We assess your unique foot biomechanics, so you know your treatment is tailored to address your specific needs. Where your biomechanics need to be altered to improve foot function, we often use custom orthotics in your shoes to do this seamlessly with every step you take.


Kids Feet

With all the growth and changes that kids and their feet go through, it can be difficult to know what’s normal and what is a cause for concern. We see kids right from their early years as they begin to walk through to their late teens where sports and their high levels of activity can cause pain and discomfort. We see a lot of kids with ‘growing pains’, ingrown toenail, warts – you name it!



We perform minor surgery to the skin and nails of the feet. Often this is to relieve painful ingrown toenails or persisting warts. There are many alternative options for surgery too, so we’ll be able to discuss your circumstances and which treatment option is best for you.



Diabetes has a large impact on the feet due to its effects on nerves and circulation. This places those affected at a much higher risk of infection, ulceration and more. Regular foot health checks are recommended to all those with Diabetes. We treat and care for your feet, informing you of the best ways to look after and manage your feet in between visits.



There are various types of arthritis that can affect your feet but are typically categorised as either an inflammatory arthritis (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gout) or as Osteoarthritis which is the ‘wear and tear’ arthritis where bones and joints degenerate over time. We assess what’s going on with your lower limbs, your current symptoms and make a plan to improve your quality of life and get the best outcome for your situation.


General Foot Care

Many conditions and circumstances make it difficult for us to reach and care for our feet – age being a big one! As we age, good foot care becomes even more important as our feet undergo many changes. We provide a range of general foot care services to care for your skin and nails and track any changes you may not have noticed. This minimises your risk of injury and keeps you looking and feeling great.