• Simple and easy
  • Safe and sterile
  • Immediate relief
  • Complete in 5-15 minutes
  • Anaesthetic available if required
Conservative management for ingrown toenails is an effective option for simple ingrown (or involuted) toenails that have become problematic for the first time. The pain is alleviated by using simple and sterile podiatric tools to trim back and remove the small piece of the nail that has penetrated the skin. It’s simple, quick and an effective way of providing the relief you seek. This appointment not classified as a ‘nail surgery’ and typically does not use anaesthetic to numb the area, though this is an option if preferred. Before the procedure, your nail and toe are assessed for signs of infection, the ability of the toe to successfully heal, and any complications that may arise. In particular, we look at the characteristics of your toenail in relation to the likelihood that this problem will recur, or whether it was likely a one-off occurrence. Because conservative management does not stop ingrown toenails from coming back, if it looks like it is likely to occur again, we’ll discuss this and all of your options with you so you can make the best choice of treatment. The next step up from conservative nail care is a partial nail avulsion.


The cost of one-off conservative nail care performed by our highly experienced podiatrists is $95.