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Conservative Nail Care

Simple and easy Safe and sterile Immediate relief Complete in 5-15 minutes Anaesthetic available if required   Conservative management for ingrown toenails is an effective option for simple ingrown (or involuted) toenails that have become problematic for the first time. [...]

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Partial Nail Avulsion (Permanent & Non-Permanent)

A partial nail avulsion (PNA) provides a professional, safe and effective solution to the problem of frustrating and painful ingrown toenails. This is one of the most common procedures carried out in our clinic. The procedure removes the small part [...]

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Total Nail Avulsion (Permanent & Non-Permanent)

A total nail avulsion (TNA) procedure involves the safe removal of the entire toenail. This procedure is indicated in a variety of circumstances, such as cases of ingrown toenails where both sides recurrently ingrow and there is a large curvature [...]

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