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Martin Kane BHSc (Pod.)

marty (2)

Martin, or Marty as he is known by patients, friends and family, has been an expert in the podiatric field for almost 20 years. His knowledge and background in podiatry, pain management, rehabilitation, orthotics and prosthetics mean that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that shares a similar level of expertise when it comes to providing the best foot care with exceptional results.

After lecturing and teaching young minds about these important foot care principles at New Zealand’s School of Podiatry for over 17 years, Marty has now returned to using his skills to helping patients suffering from a variety of painful foot and leg conditions.


Marty’s passion for ingrown toenail care lies within the knowledge of the massive difference he is able to make to the lives and pain levels of his patients through his advanced skillset. More than just immediate or temporary pain relief, Marty’s focus is on the permanent solutions that Auckland Ingrown Toenail Clinic can offer to his patients to prevent much future pain and discomfort.

Marty has lived in Auckland for most of his life and has two beautiful children, Cyrus and Arya, with his wife and business partner, Hanan. His family is his greatest pride and joy and he can’t wait to continue to watch them grow.