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Rojan Moh BHSc (Pod.)

Rojan is a highly skilled and compassionate podiatrist with an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional foot and ankle care. Her genuine passion for improving the quality of life for her patients drives her to provide personalized treatment plans and the utmost care to each individual she serves. With years of experience and expertise in the field of podiatry, Rojan is well-versed in the diagnosis, prevention, and management of a wide range of podiatric conditions. Her special focus lies in sports injuries, diabetic foot care, and surgical interventions. Through her knowledge and proficiency, she has earned the trust of her patients, who rely on her to alleviate their foot-related ailments and promote overall wellness. Rojan’s approach to patient care is centered around the individual. She takes the time to listen to her patients, understand their unique concerns, and collaborates with them to develop comprehensive treatment plans tailored to their specific needs. Her compassionate demeanour and empathetic nature create a welcoming and supportive environment for those seeking relief from foot and ankle issues. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Rojan leads a fulfilling life outside of work. She finds joy in spending quality time with her beloved family and friends, cherishing the moments shared with them. Additionally, she nurtures her personal well-being through her passion for swimming. A keen swimmer, Rojan has set her sights on an exciting challenge in the upcoming season – swimming from Rangitoto Island to Kohimarama beach. Her determination and love for adventure drive her to take on new experiences and push her boundaries. In summary, Rojan’s biography paints the picture of a dedicated and compassionate podiatrist who strives to make a positive impact on her patients’ lives. With her expertise, patient-centered approach, and passion for personal growth, she continues to be an inspiration to both her colleagues and patients alike.
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Strapping is the process of applying sports tape directly to the skin in order to maintain a stable position of bones and muscles during daily or athletic activities. This technique is used in sports medicine to reduce pain and aids recovery from overuse and other injuries. By keeping the foot in a certain position that is dictated by the type of strapping applied, certain movements of the feet are restricted and the foot is supported in the best way as dictated by your Podiatrist. While the strapping is applied it can reduce pain and pressure from damaged structures and facilitate their healing. We see many athletes who come to us before a game or a run to have their feet strapped to decrease their chance of injury while they’re still recovering, and in some cases reduce the risk of recurrence of a previous injury if there is a high risk in their intended activity.
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Caring for your skin and nails and maintaining a good level of general foot health can significantly improve your performance and foot function. Because our feet serve as the foundation of the body, any bumps, lumps and cracks (and the way we change the way we move because of them) can affect not just our feet and legs but the rest of our body too! Which can have a big negative impact on your performance during the game. We use specialised podiatric equipment to instantly reduce thickened nails, sore corns, callus, warts and cracked heels and manage painful ingrown toenails. Remember, those little niggles you ignore can end up being a lot more serious and stop you from getting out there and doing the things you love!
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‘Stretching and strengthening’ is often talked about as if the terms described the same mundane process – this is definitely not the case! Both stretching and strengthening individually have the ability to make massive changes in your foot/leg function and importantly your pain. Strengthening works to give back intrinsic strength to muscles that currently have deficits contributing to your pains or problems. If muscles lack the strength to efficiently move the body and carry us, then they’ll be out-powered by other muscles which will, in turn, alter the biomechanics of the feet and legs. This will then place an abnormal strain on other areas and the painful cycle continues. Assessing muscle strength and function, and strengthening muscles where needed can then massively improve your bodies function and reduce pain. This isn’t just limited to the feet and legs – we often find that the muscles of the hips and lower back have a massive impact on the ability to walk and run efficiently and pain-free! Stretching works on tight muscles to get them to the normal length for optimal function. Muscle tightness can create tension and strain on the surrounding bones, joints and muscles. It can alter the function of the feet and legs and contribute to the development of problems and pain. Identifying muscle tightness and regularly stretching can help to correct a number of issues. The muscles are often both stretched and strengthened for optimum results. After your assessment, we prescribe customised exercises to meet your needs. These are introduced gradually. Developing a suitable exercise program — best done under expert supervision — will help you build strong, flexible muscles that will be less prone to injury.
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Orthotics are shoe inserts that are intended to correct an abnormal, or irregular walking and running patterns that have contributed to increased stress through the feet and legs and ultimately injury. Orthotics are not merely “arch supports”. An orthotic is designed to guide the mechanics of the foot to a precise degree which help the muscles and tendons to perform more efficiently, making standing, walking, and running more comfortable. If you’re suffering from pain or injury, your orthotic is specifically designed to correct any biomechanical anomalies that are contributing to your injury and ongoing pain, and distribute weight away from the painful area. In sports, orthotics are able to fit into your sports shoes (yes, even narrow footy boots!) to help you and your performance during the game, as well as to prevent injury and accommodate current injuries. We love orthotics because of the massive change they make in our patients’ lives – and not to mention their pain levels. The way they alter foot biomechanics to help injuries and promote healthy foot function means our patient feel great, look great, and can get back to doing the things they love faster than ever.


Podiatrists Board of New Zealand

Education and Qualification

Auckland University of Technology
Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry